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Something great is coming.


Providing low cost effluent treatment to the world

Build yourself a complete wastewater system from low cost materials


Vermifiltration is set to take the world by storm. Low cost and effective, domestic wastweater treatment and irrigation systems for households and communities

Learn about the process


Low cost wastewater treatment the natural way.

Maintenance-free biological treatment using natural organisms and processes

Create a business providing low cost and reliable wastewater systems


Become the local expert with the knowledge base necessary for ensuring a quality product.

Your community will benefit from your efforts, we all have a right to safe low cost sanitation

Vermi-System design and construction

Primary + secondary treatment


Full domestic wastewater treatment system suitable for irrigating crops...

Primary treatment of blackwater


Flush toilet system that uses worms to convert solid waste to safe-to-handle humus...

Gravity systems


Full wastewater treatment system that uses only gravity...

Learn basic construction methods


Use low cost materials and methods to construct robust systems...

Construct quality vermifilter reactors


Aerobic reactors can be constructed very easily, provided you know exactly what you are doing...

Put everything together as domestic wastewater treatment systems


Our mantra is simplicity. Learn how to put systems together for every situation...

Why Vermifiltration?

No Sludge

Sludge is not produced, just humus. 

No smell, no pathogens, just an easily handled soil conditioner

Avoid septic tanks, DEWATS and pits, these produce nasty sludge

Aerobic treatment

This means no methane emissions.

Avoid DEWATS and septic tanks, these produce greenhouse gas emissions and pollute our environment. Aerobic treatment is fast and smell free.

Low cost and natural

Self-maintaining treatment solution

The worms do all the maintenance work and keep the biological filter in great condition, while micro-organisms gobble up the pathogens


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